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i wanna see you be brave
Alyona | 21 | Belarus
i didn't mean to fall in love with Dylan O'brien.
too much fandoms for my poor heart.
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"If you're going through hell, keep going." ©


You dreamed it for yourself because the truth was too terrible.

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Saying goodbye to the ‘adventure of a lifetime!’ the Doctor Who World Tour in Rio

"I wanna talk about anything that’s not a demon sticking needles into my brother’s brain."

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Two years gives you enough time to grow, and to change, and to change your priorities, change where you live, change your hair, change what you believe in, change who you hang out with, what's influencing you, what's inspiring you. And in the process of all of those changes that happened in the last two years, my music changed. I'm thinking about how this new album is a bit of a rebirth for me because it's so new, I've never really made these kinds of changes before. And having been born on December 13th of 1989... this album is called 1989.

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James McAvoy takes the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge.

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stiles stilinski + putting his mouth to use

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I’m not fearless. I’m terrified. I’m always terrified of dying. I act like I know what I’m doing but I don’t. I don’t know if Isaac Is dying right now…if I made a mistake with Scott. I don’t know what my dad is thinking. I don’t know if we should trust Derek. I don’t know anything.”

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